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Fertility and Pregnancy Acupuncture

Acupuncture Hub is a fertility and pregnancy acupuncture clinic. We offer a naturally holistic approach to treatment involving acupuncture, herbs, diet and specific supplements. Dr Ryan Llewellyn was trained in an acupuncture fertility clinic in Brisbane and all high-risk pregnancies were treated with acupuncture to avoid miscarriage. If you are high-risk pregnancy and seeking acupuncture, please see only a registered acupuncturist. In fertility treatment it is essential to treat both the male and female, otherwise you are just regulating female hormones. It may seem obvious, but it takes two. There is an abundance of new research confirming just how large a part the sperm plays. Poor sperm can affect the fetus size, cause genetic mutations, increase miscarriage rates and more.
We help and support our clients thru IVF as well as those that wish to conceive naturally. Our clinic is located on the Gold Coast in the lovely Currumbin area. For our fertility clients only, we offer a 2.5 hour initial consult for both parties. This consult aims to answer any questions you may have. It also aims to educate you about the do’s and don’t of conception and pregnancy. This appointment includes a treatment for each partner as well as the consult. We work hand in hand with doctor’s, surgeons and other fertility specialists.We invested a lot of time and effort in researching fertility and how it relates to polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, amenorrhea and more. We enjoy educating and empowering our clients to make informed choices. Seeing a Medical Doctor with their masters in fertility is essential. They will help you know whether possible complications such as undiagnosed Endometriosis, Polycystic ovaries and blocked tubes may affect you. They can check for poor sperm quality and test your DNA for the DAZ gene. There is so much to know and consider when things are not going as planned. Being aware of the limits of eastern and western medicine is also important. We can put you in touch with the right people to get things done properly the first time. Many women believe that the pregnancy period is the most important in their lives, but the truth is that the pre-conception one is just as important. At Acupuncture Hub, we understand both of these periods. Offering pregnancy acupuncture to help you prepare your body for the conception moment and providing proper treatment during the pregnancy period. Once you are pregnant, we can assist you in treating tight hips, groin pain, back pain, morning sickness and even labor induction. Acupuncture for labour induction can begin from 38 weeks onwards.

Acupuncture for Natural Labour induction.

Preparing for labour naturally, is a fantastic option for women. There are several acupuncture points which are forbidden to be used during pregnancy. This is because health authorities believe they carry a risk of causing miscarriage. These are the points acupuncturists use with the aim of promoting labour. The acupuncture treatment is also aimed at strengthening the women for childbirth and ripening the cervix. Ideally, treatment begins at 36 weeks aiming to strengthen the mother and prepare her for labour. At the 38 week point, the treatment focus shifts to bring on the labour.

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