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Cupping Therapy

At Acupuncture Hub we use the ancient art of cupping during our treatments. We generally use slide cupping as it provides great experience and draws the fascia into the cups. This helps smooth out any adhesions in the muscle fibres. By burning out the oxygen in the cup a vacuum is created. This draws different blood and toxins from deep within the muscle layers and brings them to the surface. Once at the surface the toxins re-enter the blood via the superficial venous capillaries and are removed by the liver, lungs and large intestine. It seems that 10 minutes’ worth of slide cupping is equivalent to a half hour massage. We also use stationary cups depending on the situation. Stationary cups are great for use on the hip and gluteal muscles. Especially for surfers and people exposed to the cold.

Cupping has been around for thousands of years and is used to in Chinese Medicine when treating pain, inflammation, muscle stiffness, sore back, poor blood flow. It’s a great alternative to a deep-tissue massage.

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