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Neck and Shoulder Pain

Neck pain is a common condition treated here in the clinic. When choosing a treatment option for neck pain, heavy massage can sometimes make the pain worse. This maybe because it further inflames the neck. Acupuncture needles tend to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow to the area. They also stimulate the body to release its own natural pain-killers. Pain or numbness which radiates down the arms is often caused by a dysfunction in the upper neck around vertebrae C6, C5 or C4. We may needle the area to relieve the numbness. At Acupuncture Hub, we use high grade needles, Moxa and slide cupping to gently release the neck and shoulders as shown in the video.

Shoulder pain can include Frozen Shoulder, Rotator Cuff Disorders or Bursitis

It is commonly characterized by a limited range of movement and pain in the local area. Shoulder pain is quite common and is regularly treated in the clinic. It can be caused by external trauma or internal imbalance. The affected area can include the shoulder joint, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. As the shoulder has a high degree of flexibility, it is, therefore, less stable and more prone to injuries than other joints of the body. Nerves that supply the shoulder and arm originate from the neck and upper spine. Conditions of the neck and upper back commonly contribute to pain in the shoulder. Slide cupping and trigger point needling are also highly useful when treating shoulders.

Why is Acupuncture suited to treating shoulder Pain?

Acupuncture is well suited to treating the shoulder because the needles can easily get to the deep underlying muscles, especially when compared to massage. I treat the following types of shoulder pain. Chronic Shoulder Pain and Stiffness, Shoulder Muscle Spasm and Tension, Rotator Cuff Disorders such as tears and strains, Frozen Shoulder, Arthritis of the Shoulder, Labral tear, and AC joint injury.

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